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07/17/2015 • admin-jeb-admin

Welcome to Manhattan Psychotherapy Associates. We are happy you found your way to us. Here you will find what you need to help create the life and relationships you want.

Manhattan Psychotherapy Associates (MPA) is an association of licensed psychotherapists founded by Bill McManus and Karen Nelson. Our team has advanced training and experience providing individual and couples therapy to address the challenges of daily living. It is in this process that clients are guided to look at their specific concerns and to get a better understanding of specific aspects of their life. Read more about Bill and Karen…

Our NYC Metro based psychotherapeutic services will provide a framework for clients to process and gain insight into their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Our clients obtain knowledge, skills and tools to enable positive change. Our therapeutic process is tailored to each client to help uncover their true potential.

At Manhattan Psychotherapy Associates our integrative approach draws upon psycho-dynamic, cognitive behavioral, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness therapies to tailor treatment to meet each individual’s unique needs.
We believe that the therapeutic relationship should be warm, caring, collaborative, instructive, and inspiring. We want you to feel heard and understood. We want you to heal, grow and create lasting changes. If you feel “stuck” and are looking for support or guidance through a challenging situation, or ready to move in a new direction, we can help.

Would you like to:

  • Stop feeling stuck in your life, relationships or career?
  • Create more meaningful and satisfying relationships?
  • Break free from anxiety and depression?
  • Free yourself from obsessional thinking and dissatisfying behavioral patterns?

Our areas of specialization include:

Please call  646-760-5854  for your FREE consultation today.

We look forward to working with you.