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Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy is an interpersonal relationship with trained psychotherapists to aid a client in dealing with the problems of daily life. It is in this process that clients are helped to look at their specific concerns and to get a better understanding of specific aspects of their life. If one is looking to get a better understanding of themselves and their role in personal or professional relationships therapy will help. Ultimately, therapy aims to increase a sense of well-being and to invoke change.

Our psychotherapy services assist clients in dealing with life on life’s terms. We help clients gain awareness, knowledge, tools and skills in service of healing, growing, and creating change. Our services are aimed at meeting the needs of our clients through individual, couple, family and/or group therapy.

Manhattan Psychotherapy Associates is dedicated to helping our clients work successfully at their relationships and all aspects of their lives.

Individual Therapy

We help clients who feel stuck and unsatisfied with the quality of their life in all aspects of daily living including their mental health, relationships and career. If you are dissatisfied and unhappy, individual therapy can be life changing. Treatment focuses on growth, development, and making positive, lasting change which cultivates the space for achieving personal goals. Read more about Individual Therapy . . .

Couples Therapy

Couples who struggle in their relationships can benefit with couples therapy. Problems in the relationship manifest with fighting, poor communication, reduced sex life, or lack of needs being met. Typically, one or both partners experience symptoms such as depression, anxiety, addiction, or various other symptoms. Our team helps couples to be more connected, understood, and helps with the task of working through conflict. Read more about Couples Therapy . . .

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