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Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment consists of psychotherapists working closely with clients to provide focused and individualized care, in addition to helping each client remain committed to their recovery. Our addiction therapy comes from a position of understanding the breadth of circumstances that clients may be dealing with in addition to their addictions.

We have tailored our alcohol and drug treatment philosophy to help addicted individuals stop compulsive drug seeking and use. Treatment can occur in a variety of settings, in many different forms, and for different lengths of time. Our framework for alcohol and drug treatment consists of individual therapy sessions once or twice a week. Because drug addiction is typically a chronic disorder characterized by occasional relapse, a short-term, one-time treatment is usually not sufficient. For many, addiction treatment is a long-term process.

Sex and pornography addictions have also risen over the past few years with the increase in availability of adult content on the Internet. A number of people we work with seek clarity about this. Like anything else, if it is causing harm to you or your relationship, it may be a good time to seek help.

Through treating the complex needs of our clients we aim to help them achieve the goals they seek. Addiction can take many forms. Here is a listing of a few:

  • Relationships
  • Alcohol/Drug
  • Sugar
  • Food (Binge Eating, Anorexia and Bulimia)
  • Shopping
  • Gambling
  • Sex and Pornography
  • Internet
  • Video Games

To learn if any of the above are problematic or harmful compulsions please contact us.