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Anger Management – Depression – Self Esteem

Anger problems are not uncommon. Managing anger can be quite difficult for most. Many struggle to keep their cool and to be articulate when angry. Anger problems can manifest when feelings are held inward or not expressed productively. Angry feelings held in can turn into explosive rage when they can’t be held any longer. This can result in shame about one’s actions which can also affect work or personal relationships.

Some hold onto anger unknowingly and never let it out. Repressed or suppressed anger can be equally problematic as it commonly manifests in hidden ways in symptoms such as passivity, depression, irritability, and low self-esteem. One of the biggest causes of depression and anxiety is mismanaged anger. One of the top sources for low self-esteem, lack of confidence and thinking poorly about oneself is unconscious anger redirected at the self.

If you would like to be more assertive and express your anger better, therapy can help. While it’s alright to be angry, what’s important is how it’s expressed. If you have problems with anger, analytic and cognitive therapy can help improve your day-today-day processing of anger triggers.

Anger Management treatment involves a combination of insight-oriented and cognitive restructuring therapy. It involves helping the chronically angry to overcome their rage that arises in specific situations, as well as their anger against themselves, loved ones and the world in general.

Manhattan Psychotherapy Associates provides treatment that addresses anger in the context of clients’ lives and relationships. Anger Management therapy helps clients understand what is driving their anger. It helps in identifying the pain underneath the anger and how it perpetuates a reactive and unhealthy pattern of relating with others.

Clients can learn how to address their feelings, change their dissatisfying patterns, and be better positioned to connect with their loved ones. With Anger Management therapy one will gain communication skills, conflict resolution skills and relationship enhancement tools.

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