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Career Counseling

We come from diverse backgrounds with experience in various industries. Clients in and around the NYC Metro region seek our services in order to assist them to prepare for a job or career path change. Our goal is to provide clients with a career road map and career strategies for finding fulfillment and success.

Part of our overall therapy philosophy relates to helping individuals connect more to their true identity and path. Often in life people feel pressure to do what others want them to do or become what others need them to be. As the therapy process unfolds, clients start connecting to their true selves and move away from a false-self position. Separation from the forces that bind us is an important part of therapy.

We work with those who feel stuck or in a rut and help them feel more connected to life, their passions and purpose. When these areas are addressed, other aspects of life fall into place, such as physical and mental health, relationships, and career.

Our career counseling style fits well for those who struggle with quality of life issues. Therapy will help to bring more happiness into your life. We will assist you in making the changes you have been hoping to make.

To learn more or for an appointment please contact us.