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Couples Therapy

Clients with relationship issues can enter into our couples therapy services. Couples typically come because they feel disconnected, misunderstood, and lack communication. Constant fighting may be a symptom too. One or both partners might feel stuck in the relationship or feel that their needs aren’t met. One or both partners might also be experiencing personal problems and may have a difficult time managing them which can affect their significant other.

Couples therapy assists couples to develop a healthy, more meaningful relationship where the partners are on the same page, connected, happy and growing both individually and as a team.

Couples therapy helps couples gain a new framework in understanding their relationship and their partner. With this insight and new understanding they can start to work as a team and create the relationship they want. The work provides an understanding of how they created the dissatisfying relationship dynamics, how they get stuck in a vicious, dissatisfying cycle of relating, how to break the cycle, and gives them relationship tools to heal and grow.

These are some of the many symptoms couples face:

  • General dissatisfaction
  • Lack of communication
  • Constant fighting
  • Intimacy difficulties, lack of connection
  • Sexuality problems
  • Dual career management
  • Finances
  • Diversity of culture, religion, social class, values
  • Lack of independence in the couple
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Dealing with breaking up, separation, divorce
  • Affairs
  • Problems dealing with having or managing children
  • Time management
  • Extended family issues such as in-laws and other relatives

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