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Depression and Anxiety Treatment

Our clients seek depression and anxiety therapy in hopes of benefitting from talking about their difficulties. Some regard anxiety and depression as separate disorders, however, many suffer from both conditions. The reality is that most mood disorders present as a combination of anxiety and depression.

Studies show that more than half of those in depression treatment also have anxiety. Furthermore, at least half of those in anxiety therapy also have clinically significant symptoms of depression. The coexistence of anxiety and depression makes the treatment somewhat trickier and impairs functioning at work and in relationships.

With treatment, particular anxiety-provoking or fearful situations can become less intimidating. Often, anxiety disorder treatment is quite successful. Since it takes time to change thought and behavior patterns it can also take a while for therapy to work.

Depression involves your body, moods, and thoughts. It can affect the way you eat and sleep, self-esteem, and the way you think about things. Depression is not the same as a passing blue mood. It is also not a sign of personal weakness or a condition that can be wished away. People with depression cannot merely “snap out of it” and be better. Without proper treatment, depressive symptoms can last a lifetime.


For treatment of anxiety and depressive symptoms please contact us.