• Do you struggle to find a loving relationship?
  • Are you dealing with the pain of a relationship breakup?
  • Are work or family relationships causing a lot of stress?

The key to finding a loving relationship exists, though meeting someone in this Big Apple can seem impossible. Don’t give up or be discouraged. The key to finding a positive romantic relationship is making changes within you. It is our inner world that affects our outer world and the way we understand it. This idea will never change. What can change is the desire to alter your inner self which will enhance who you are attracting. If you want to find love, your soul mate, or your ideal partner but keep attracting the wrong types, you must first look at yourself. In therapy, we help clients understand the inner self, which is a collection of positive and negative life experiences. After all, if you don’t know who you are and how that affects what you want, how will you recognize the right person when you meet them?

Separations, break-ups, divorce, troubled family and work relationships are debilitating and can cause problems such as anxiety, depression, mid-life confusion, obsessional thinking, jealousy, low self-esteem, lack of trust, anger, etc. If one is looking to get a better understanding of their inner self or their role in relationships, therapy can help.

Romantic, family, and work relationship issues are a common theme with many of the people we see in our NYC Metro area practice. In relationship therapy, clients talk about their concerns in an effort to gain clarity around specific issues. Some of the areas analyzed include communication styles and patterns in an effort to improve the way one interacts with the people in their personal and professional life.

Sexual functioning is another major relationship issue. If there are problems in this area it is often a result of emotional distance between two people. Sex and pornography addictions have also risen over the past few years with the increase in availability of adult content on the Internet. A number of people we work with seek clarity about this. Like anything else, if it is causing harm to you or your relationship with a partner, it may be a good time to seek help.

Deciding to end a relationship can also be very difficult to do on one’s own. The aftermath of a breakup can be quite difficult and has a direct correlation to depression. According to studies, there is data showing that major depressive symptoms occur after recent loss which can lead to feelings of anger, rage, self-hate, self-degradation, and low self-esteem.

Listed here are a few common relationship issues or questions:

  • “Why can’t I feel anything anymore in my relationship?”
  • “I feel trapped in this relationship.”
  • “Why is it hard to be in the inner circle at work?”
  • “Is it a problem to spend a lot of time looking at pornography?”
  • “Are my pornography habits affecting my relationship?”
  • “I do not have confidence in communicating with women.”
  • “He is a great boyfriend but I don’t want to settle down.”
  • “She says she loves me but won’t make a commitment.”
  • “My fiancé doesn’t want to discuss problems in our relationship.”
  • “My husband/wife puts me down.”
  • “Why do we fight about money?”
  • “Why do my parents treat me this way?”

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